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Friday, June 24, 2005


stuttgart Schlossplatz at night

stuttgart Schlossplatz at night
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19:50 pm: About to start the second show... the germans have asked me if they can open the doors. Soon the masses will flood in (we hope). Funny how in such a short run the success of the show really is based on a bit of word of mouth but mostly on the publicity the festival people have put together. It's a flat fee for the company, so attendance doesn't hit our bottom line. Hmmm... not quite the crowd that swarmed in last night, but they're still coming.

Great day. Went to the Kunstmuseem with JP and saw stuff by Paul Klee, Winter, and a bunch of people I've never seen before. Got to go back and get the gallery collection book to remember it all. There was a long tunnel-like L-shaped room, 2 ½ feet wide and 10 feet high, with 1” thick slabs of beeswax completely covering the walls and ceiling. Brilliant.

Ah, now we've got a good crowd. I fucking love the audience we had last night. They were so focused and alive, even if a little quiet. Here's to another round of that.


21:30 : GREAT show – some guy started talking last night during the quiet moment when Tracey and Jacob sit in the audience, sharing “energy,” leaving the stage empty. “Here I am. I sit with you, in the darkness, and it is enough. I am simply Mattieu” (or something like that). For a show that is based on trying not to act, but to simple be there, open to the moment and whatever success or failure occurs, it seemed appropriate. That's the unconsidered danger / delight of a very attentive audience: they can get swept up to the point of being a part of the show, if you include them in whatever way. We never had this kind of involvement when in Toronto.


Invented today:

A march in protest against short attention spans.

A short speech on existence spoken in a quiet moment on a crowded subway.

A method of converting a stomach full of cake and beer into something a little healthier.

A small wallet into which one can fold a whole other life, to be used sparringly, in exchange for this one, when the present needs a rest.

A form of music that makes you dance in such a way that your teeth get cleaned and your feet stop stinking.

A word for speaking out loudly in a crowded place when all others happen to be silent.

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