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Saturday, January 08, 2005


working out a cue

working out a cue
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Got to talking about design with Bea. She makes me go philosophical about it sometimes. She pointed out a cue in "Little Dragon" where the set seems to grab all the attention, and the action (which is mostly toned down at that point) onstage is lost. She has a point: it's hard to design anything interesting and fully integrate it unless it's already in the text. A design is an interpretation, and at times it fits roughly over the text of the script -- it demands its own moments, its own pauses. Hopefully the script is open enough to accomodate some play, as it must if the author does not know the exact physical environment in which it will be mounted.

Feels good to have opened this show, though. It's a big set, a fairly demanding lighting design, and I think it pretty much works. Well, that's what I think today. Next week I'll look at it again and find 15 things I want to change.


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