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Wednesday, December 15, 2004


night ride home with Bea

night ride home
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is something lost when the streets become so familiar that "being lost" never happens anymore?

or is it how we use our eyes that allows us to get lost -- a way of seeing everything as strange, a way of looking that is detached from the reflex of recognizing.

now I want that with you.

a baby's eyes, a newborn mind, discovering you in the morning light, in the ride home across town at night.

I was reading something similar to this not too long ago..
about how when we were kids, that summer vacations seemed to last a lifetime, and how now as adults time seems to slip by so quickly. The author's premise was that the amount of 'perceived time' that goes by has to do with how much we are learning. When our environment becomes so familiar that we aren't stretching our brains and learning new things, that time goes by much less 'densely'
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