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Saturday, November 06, 2004



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More conversations about the dark age ahead today. In the fallout from the US elections this week it feels a little bit like a revolution just passed us by. Or maybe one just happened, only not the one we wanted. We just got the wrong revolution -- same as the old revolution. Welcome to the Cold War, part 2.

I had hoped that the 3 years since "9-11" would become a historical blip. Something awful happened, the U.S. had a violent spasm in reaction, and perhaps by now it would begin to pass. That's not what I expect now. Now there is a looming sense that the last 3 years were the prelude to a full decade of violent reaction to the WTC destruction. That the U.S. is on a stumbling course of self-perpetuating aggression with moral justifications that were familiar to medeival monarchs.

And the rest of the world will duck and dance until the superpower is either sated or goes bankrupt.

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