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Thursday, October 07, 2004


kensington girl

kensington girl
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Had a production meeting in Kensington market, then toured around with the camera for a bit. After taking this shot an old guy told me a bunch of newfie jokes for a dollar. Then one about a chinese restauranteur throwing an egg down the street because he didn't like spring rolls. Yeah.

I got a call today for a big money gig that would take over my life for a year. Don't think I can do it, unless they'll take me in one or two month chunks. But movie crews don't work like that. So I'll probably stick with theatre for now. Strange saying no to money: we aren't conditioned to avoid wealth. Only a few hours before, Bea had a similar situation: she was called to audition for a print ad, possibly worth $3000 - $5000, for Botox. She turned it down, on principle, but only after thinking hard for a few hours. Maybe we can change things in the world by saying no to meaningless shit the Machine is trying to stuff us with.

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