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Saturday, August 28, 2004


on the bank of the Ottawa river

...you have to walk over a hundred feet out over small sharp stones before your knees get wet. This is about the most aggressive feature of the area my folks have just moved to. If I complain about anything this week, I'd better have a good reason for it.


Read a Doug Saunders article in the Globe and Mail about the globalized world of 300AD -- about how we experienced a historical blip in the last two centuries when nation-states formed and isolated themselves from other newly-shaped states. This was, according to the new research Saunders quotes, a departure from the norm of a generally borderless (or at least, poorly-defined borders) world in which migrants and merchandise move about the globe constantly, as a matter of course. We are now returning to that situation. Globalization is, apparently, the norm.

You'd think these guys were funded by the Fraser Institute, but no, they're real historians.

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